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Car body work

We will fix every scratch on your car

Our car service centre employs skilled car body repairers who work with modern technologies. So, when we repair cars that have been damaged in a crash or in some other way (for example, by vandals or hailstones), they will look as good as new. Our car service centre repairs vehicles of all makes, types and sizes. Whether you drive a passenger car or a van, you can turn to us.

Our car body shop technology

We use modern tools in order to carry out a first-rate job. Our car body repairers use the very best spot welders and spot devices. These highly economical tools enable precise alignment of aluminium and sheet-metal bodywork. Our work is also assisted by a perfect Blackhawk frame straightening rack.

We think about procedures as well. When replacing a sheet-metal part, we always make hot tinning transitions between parts. The PDR (paintless dent repair) method allows us to repair bodywork without damaging the car’s paint. Of course, we can also paint parts or your entire car in our paint shop.

You can contact our car body shop by calling (+420) 377 320 787. If you would prefer to write to us, you can find our contact form here.

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