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Car service

We repair cars of all types and makes

At our car service, we will repair any kind of defect. We will service your car and take care of demanding repairs. You can even bring a brand new car to us without losing the guarantee from the original service centre. We also repair cars that have been in an accident or suffered other damage.

We work with high-quality spare parts and we have also prepared further services associated with vehicle repairs, for example, a recovery service or replacement vehicle rental.

A car service centre which is full of technology

Modern vehicles require modern technology. That is why we have equipped our car service with every kind of technology available on the market:

  • brakes diagnostics line,
  • shock absorber diagnostics line,
  • chassis diagnostics line,
  • all diagnostics tools for identifying faults in your car’s electronics systems,
  • cleaning and recharging air-conditioning,
  • tyre service,
  • 3D geometry,
  • setting all driver safety assistance systems.

Spare parts that last

We carry out repairs using only original parts or select brand-name parts used in the manufacture of new cars and parts of a comparable or even higher quality than the originals. These include, for example, sport brake systems for a sporty driving style or for use in races.

The choice of spare part is always yours! However, we adhere to a few principles.

  • We only use new spare parts.
  • The oil and fluids used are original and recommended by the manufacturer.

How do we bill work at the car service?

We calculate work procedures and time used for vehicle repairs in standard hours established by the manufacturer. You can therefore rest assured that repair times are not overestimated.

Make an appointment for your car at our car service today. Call (+420) 377 320 787.

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