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Car rental

Drive away in a reliable car while we repair yours

Few people today can manage without a car. Don’t worry yourself with how you will get around while we are repairing your car. In addition to our car service centre and paint shop, we also run a car rental service!

20 cars for hire

We will provide you with rental cars that you will not be ashamed to drive. They are up to five years old. You can choose between small comfortable vehicles, medium-sized cars, and even luxury cars that will suit your image. Vans are also available.

Car rental discounts

If you bring your car to us for repairs, we will be happy to lend you a rental vehicle for a discounted price.

Pick-up service for our clients

Are you a client? Then we have another benefit for you - our pick-up service! We will park a rental vehicle outside your house, hotel, place of work, or any other place of your choice.

Our cars are here for you

And so are we. Do you have any questions about our car rental or any other of our services? Contact us!

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